Fuck You Wolfie – Reward Tea

I need a few Tea testers.

When I quit drinking, I picked up a new habit: A tea habit! I drink pots and pots of the stuff. Green, black, smoky. You name it.  My favourites though are mint. And liquorice. And chai.

So I did something completely unusual and i looked up a speciality tea maker guy (and he loves to tell a story this guy – he himself could be one entire blog post), and i asked mr special tea man if he could make up a unique blend of tea for me.

I didn’t tell him i was going to call it “Fuck You Wolfie – Reward Tea” (only cuz I don’t tell everyone about wolfie when I first meet them!)

But i did tell mr special tea man that i wanted the tea to have a smooth flavour, and to be suitable for evenings. And to include all three of my favourite flavours.

So …

He made me a big batch of the stuff. It’s Mint with a Indian Chai spice and a hint of Liquorice.  I call it Fuck You Wolfie – Reward Tea. And when i drink it i feel self-righteous.

What happened is just this second Mr. Belle just made me some (we’re watching a movie), and i had to stop and write this, cuz now i want to share this tea with someone else!

anyway, i have this big sack of loose tea, and I’ve measured out 5 bags of 30 grams each, each bag is enough for about 6 large pots of tea.  i wondered if you’d like to beta test the tea for me?

i have enough for 5 people to share. so if you’d like to be a tea tester, you can get some Fuck You Wolfie – Reward Tea here. The price is $8 + $1 shipping and I’ll send it anywhere in the world 🙂

[sold out]