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Care package from me


If you’d like to order a treat box, go to The Sober Store page and scroll about half-way down

Someone rings your doorbell. Who could that be mid-day, unannounced? It’s the mailman. He’s never at your door. He has a box for you. And he smiles and says “you got mail from Europe?”

It’s sort of like your birthday, getting a gift that’s just for you. And to make it even better, it’s a sober gift. A package of treats just for you because you’re sober.





You know that getting sober treats is important. It’s just that sometimes you forget.

So I’m going to make it easy for you to get sober treats.

Treat Care Package (November 2014):

(1) Bonne Maman jam, (2) extra large Dark Chocolate Bar with lemon and ginger (it’s 1.5 times thicker than normal), (3) Bonne Maman lemon tartlettes, (4) girl or boy sober fuzzy socks)*, (5) a letter from me, (6) a half-dozen Nutmeg Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (homemade with two kinds of raisins).

Boy Sober Socks: *Note: i have a box for boys too, with boy-comfy-socks. When you order, you can specific if you’d like the boy socks 🙂

treat nov mens socks 2014

These photos are ‘representative’ and the boxes that I ship should be exactly the same.

I’ll be making 7 of these boxes, because there’s a limit to how many cookies I can bake in my new oven. And I can’t even carry more than 7 boxes at time to the post office. yeah, I know, I need staff. an empire. for now it’s just me.

If you’d like to order a treat box, go to The Sober Store page and scroll about half-way down

Belle xo

PSS. Allergy note: cookies are homemade in a kitchen that has 
previously contained pork and fish and nuts (OK, none of these are 
*in* the cookies, but they have been in the kitchen...).


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  1. I want a box do you have any left

  2. Anonymous on said:

    I ordered one and am ridiculously excited.

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