Female, 40s.  Currently living in Europe. The day I started this blog, my day 9, I wrote: “I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head.  I’m tired of thinking about drinking.”

I started this blog to document my own sober journey. I was desperate for information and for support. Here it is now 4.75 years later. I’ve been sober penpal to 2,628 people (and counting). I spend a couple of hours a day emailing newly sober people through the 100 day challenge (see below).

My model in doing this is 80% completely free content – you having a sober penpal (me!) is free, the 100 day sober challenge is free, all of the daily emails, the stuff I write for blog, even the newsletters I send out in the mail. All free. And 20% are paid bits – Sober Jumpstart class, sober jewelery, treat boxes, sober mentor calls with me, podcast subscription. More info on the Sober Store page.

You can read more about the 100 day challenge here > http://tiredofthinkingaboutdrinking.com/2013/03/14/100-day-challenge/

And you can reach me by email… tiredofdrinking at gmail.com …

all best, belle xo

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  1. Wow, we have a lot in common. i’m in my late 40’s, English speaker, living in Europe (and have been for 22 years!). Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. 🙂

  2. Hello,
    I’ve been reading your blog throughout the month of July. It has been so helpful and has given me the courage to begin my own journey with not drinking. Any strategies you can offer are greatly appreciated.

    1. Suzy, you’re so kind to write. I’m glad my blog has been even a tiny bit helpful. My strategies would be: begin, stay in, figure stuff out, and celebrate that you’re starting : ) have you bought your non-booze-drinks yet? I like tonic and cranberry juice, and homemade lemonade. Write on your blog and/or read other blogs when you feel like giving up. And then you’ll see that you won’t give up. Don’t hide when it sucks, come out and ask for advice, there’s lots of support for you here : ) Day 1, how exciting! Go, Suzy, Go : )

      1. Thanks so much for the comment! It felt like a surprise present when I opened up the dashboard and saw it! I’m taking my trip to the store today to stock up on real ginger ale and other fun soft drinks. I usually don’t buy them because they’re too expensive, but not nearly as expensive as wine, which won’t be making any type of appearance in my cart today!

  3. Hi. OH BOY What a relief to read your blog. I m struggling to stay sober, AA does not work for me…doctors either. I started my blog last Saturday, writing about all the questions that are in my mind maybe that will be my solution. thank you for sharing

      1. I’m a Luddite when it comes to technology. Wasn’t even sure how blogging works, but this rocks! I have been attending AA and I’m thinking it’s not the best for me. I look forward to following your log and checking out some of the others listed.

  4. Wow. So glad I found your blog. I started my journey today and really need support…I recognise myself in so many of your posts…especially about all of the commotion in my head when drinking….the anxiety has been horrible so I finally made an appointment with an Aoda counsellor for tomorrow. I can’t white knuckle thru life this way. Sometimes I have these crazy irrational fears when I’m sober that I won’t ever be able to stop drinking. My marriage and family is suffering and deserve my sobriety as much as I do. I would appreciate any helpful advice on how to make this work. Does the loss of an “old friend” ever really go away? I know it is only day one….please let me know support is out there! Thanks!

  5. Kessa, You hit gold, my friend! You’ll get more support HERE than you’ll know what to do with. I’m on day 75 and have never felt so comfortable in my sober skin — thanks in very large part to Belle and her wisdom and insights. I’d highly recommend joining the 100 day challenge as well as everything else you’re already doing. Best of luck and keep posting and reading Belle’s archives. They’re right on and so soothing in the middle of the morning/day/night!!! All the best to you! Sarita

    1. Kath, I wrote this to someone else yesterday, but I think it applies here too. you can start now or you can continue like you have been. depends on which you think you’d like better : ) hugs belle xo

      1. Thank you, Belle. It will be very soon. Within the week. I promise. I know you are busy, but can you check in on me next week? Hopefully, I will have started the 100 day challenge by then….. XO

  6. I know my story isn’t unusual. I’ve got an addictive personality and went from food and bariatric surgery to three years later and an issue with alcohol. My husband travels for work and we don’t have kids so I have no accountability for my evenings at home alone. This past Friday when I was at my yearly wellness exam I broke down and admitted to my dr that I have a problem. She is great and willing to help but I know I need help from people who are dealing with alcohol. I’m not a big joiner so AA (even though I have heard good things about it) isn’t really my style. I had a sister who was an alcoholic and passed away from liver cancer. I really never thought I would allow myself to be in this situation, but here I am. I want and need to be sober.

    1. I really relate to this post….my children are grown and my husband works into evenings and weekends…I too, have NO ACCOUNTABILITY for my evenings home alone….those and weekend afternoons are the hardest…..suggestions?

    2. Hi Becky,
      I am at Day 1, and also developed my drinking problem after having gastric bypass. No kids either. I went to a few AA meetings, and definitely not my thing.

  7. Hi Belle, I’ve just found your site and am loving it. Going to go back to the start and read all the posts for inspiration! There are a lots of us around: I’m early 40’s, in the UK, juggling work, family, and other commitments. I used to cope with a bottle of white wine most nights, and now I don’t.
    Its nice to ‘meet’ you.

  8. I thought I would contact you via comment as I don’t have your email. I have also given up the drink, and written about it that you may relate to. The book will be free for download on Amazon on Sunday 26 Jan 2014. Check it out if you would like. It is called Between Drinks: Escape the Routine, Take Control and Join the Clear Thinkers. http://www.amazon.com/Between-Drinks-Routine-Control-Thinkers/dp/1922237957. I enjoyed reading your blog. Regards David

  9. Thank you for this blog, Belle! My last drink was on Sunday and I’m determined to go the 100 days with you guys. This is so awesome. 🙂

  10. Celebrated 1 yr on 9/11. And that was solid not drinking for 1 year. Never, ever did I believe that I could do it. I stumbled upon the article in Good Housekeeping last November and she referenced your website, at that point I was needing something more than AA….I truly now believe that something much much bigger than me (I’m going with God and Angels) placed me under wing. I truly love my new life. Thank you♡

  11. Hi, I am starting today with the 100 day challenge. Longest I have ever managed is 28 days,I’m female,40, working mother. I have known a long time it’s time to quit, I just heard the first pod cast you sent me and it actualy made me cry, (I’m really not a cryer!) Something has clicked, my time is now, thanks for the supportive blog.

  12. I’ve read your entire first month of posts in a single day. Thank you for your candor and bravery. I’m equally excited and scared shitless to take this journey, but the time has come. Thank you for giving me the courage.

  13. I have decided that I do not like how I have been living my life and alcohol is the main problem. I’ve looked everywhere for help and this seems like the most promising place for help I’ve come across. I am not ready to tell anybody about my choice to give up drinking but the thought of an alcohol free life sounds like heaven. I hope Belle and others from this site can help even the most hesitant with their choice to give up alcohol. I know life can be way better than how I have been living it. So happy and scared that I have finally sought help.

  14. I discovered your blog yesterday (my latest sober day #2) and I am loving it. I can relate to so much! I’m on your “tiny” waiting list for a pen pal and working my way through your month #1. Thanks for being there!

  15. Although AA has helped a lot of people, it was not for me. I highly recommend Allen Carr’s book, The Easy Way to Quit Drinking. It is a much more positive way to stop drinking. I am on day 61 but I had to stop and figure that out. I just don’t care to drink again after reading that book. I drank for 40 years.
    Worth a try.

    1. i also recommend the Jason Vale book on the blog and in audios. he studied with Allen Carr. they’re both great books for changing how we think about booze. hugs from me

  16. Hi , I’m on day 9. Thank you for your blog. I have you and 2 others teed up on phone for some on tap support as I go. Although I don’t think my drinking is over govt guidelines I do think it has a grip on me – at 35 and one child and a demanding career I am sliding into that wine as relief model. I don’t want to be there. So I have committed to the 100 days. Thanks – you rock.

  17. I am going to start today. I’ve lost control of my drinking I feel like crying as I write this .I’ve been drinking heavily for years but just lately it’s rocketed I’ve been drink all day long for weeks. I don’t know how it got this bad. Attended AA a couple of weeks ago but I knew immediately it wasn’t for me. I’ve been awake the whole night shivering and shaking and then the night sweats.

  18. Where are you? Your “about” page indicates that you live in Europe, but I have seen an address in Maine. Yesterday, I listened to my first podcast and loved hearing your voice. Now I hear YOUR voice when I read your blogs and emails, not mine. How about a picture? Would you ever consider posting a picture of yourself, or are you anonymous? (Which I totally get, if you are!) Sometimes it’s nice to visualize the person you are ‘talking’ to. 🙂

    1. Glad you liked the audio. yes, i am a real human! i live in europe. the address you’ve seen in Maine is a fictitious one. The email service required an address of some kind; but you’re right i don’t live in Maine. you may notice that the address is 123 Sesame Street. I don’t live there either. because that’s Sesame Street 🙂 hugs from me.

  19. Even though I don’t drink everyday I still feel like my life has become surrounded by booze and constant hangovers. It is time to take a new path and find out what lies on the other side of being sober. Here’s to day 1!

  20. It’s my day 9. I’m ok so far. I feel much more relaxed and far less anxious. I had a party at my house last night too and had cherry and soda juice – in a wine glass. X

  21. Hi Bell ! I just finished listening to all of the OMM. (s)
    I like the stuff you say. Very simple and makes sense. I received a personal email from you awhile back, although I think I was lurking.
    Fuck You Wolfie is a fun bracelet.
    Day 12~~not looking back!! Sober Momentum is da bomb!
    huglits back,

  22. Greetings! I’m a yank, 32, sober and doing this damn thing. I like your mission here. I’d like to add your page to my ‘blog roll’ so new posts appear there. I hope that’s OK.

  23. I am 4 months Sober.. AGAIN. Miserable little bitch who feels like I should be SO grateful yet instead I hate people more.. I had one year of Sobriety in 2013. I was SO happy!! Why not now…

  24. I want to get sober. I had 9 years in AA and it was not for me. I have hit rock bottom and need accountability. I stop for a few days and then pick it back up again. I’m tired of thinking about drinking.

  25. Thank you for this! It’s day 364 and this blog was very helpful during those early days. Especially the little car analogy – perfect !

  26. I have General Anxiety Disorder and occasional depression. I use alcohol (wine) to self medicate. Currently my stress resolves around a job that may change, my living situation that may change (lease is up in Feb, rent is ridiculous!), and relationship stress (which is improving). On top of that, my parents are facing decreasing health. If I drink too much, the incredible guilt and shame I feel is overwhelming and near debilitating for a few good days. In the future I’d like to enjoy a glass of wine or with dinner and have a strict sense of moderation. For now though, it’s nothing for me. Three weeks until Christmas break (I’m a teacher) and that’s my goal. I’ll go from there. It’s actually a little scary. Thank you for giving me a place to share.

  27. I am only thinking about not drinking……pondering the question before plunging in. I am wondering how the very committed people on here handle the peer group pressure…the ‘ you’re no fun when you don’t drink’, ‘come on, you could be dead tomorrow’ etc etc.
    Australians are known for their partying ways and most people in my circle would equate not drinking with not eating…….a drastic measure!

  28. Belle, I’ve got French stamps!! A beautiful envelope arrived in the post today from you with a case study inside ((((Michelle 😍))))! On a drizzly rubbishy day with period pain (TMI?!) and general exhaustion and sluggishness thrown in you sent me sunshine! That’ll keep the Wolfie from the door this week. I’m on Day 36…or 37, forgotten which, but it’s a high number for me! Merci beaucoup! C xx

  29. I do not identify as an “alcoholic” but I do recognize a problem with drinking that I have. This blog has helped me to understand that problem and decide what action, if any, needs to be taken. Belle’s thoughts and ideas challenge me to be honest with myself and to see things in a different light. I am grateful to have thos form of support. I enjoy the insight and humor and the convenience of it – can’t go to AA meetings in my jammies – haha.

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