​Alcohol is addictive, liquid poo (AUDIO)

Drinking is like pouring liquid shit into your life. It flows over everything. It affects every aspect of your life.

And to make things worse? This liquid poo (alcohol) is addictive. If you consume some liquid poo, it makes you want MORE of it.

If that doesn’t sound like a nightmare, then I don’t know what does.

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Sober Podcast 252. Addictive Liquid Poo

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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I’m not sure if this is forwardable. I did forward to 3 of my sisters, they’re also my partners in shit pouring. I told them this really resonated with me and said maybe the drinking is why I’ve been in a slump forever. I told them it was something to think about not drink about. Thanks Belle. If I could get my posse to stop the shit it would help me. Strength in numbers, so to speak!

  • This made so much sense. Two bottles of wine a night and discouraged because I forgot my “gratitude jar”. I’m hearing this differently than anything before. Maybe there’s hope….just maybe????

  • I thought I was the only one who hated my life. I thought I was alone. It was a revelation that you implied that all of us who are too close to Wolfie are in that boat. And… that others can see it.

  • I LOVE the find your inner Goddess reference whilst pouring liquid poo into yourself..that is SO me! 😂 Great point about the self-help industry! Day 13 for me, after too many to count Day 1’s. Twenty years I have wasted on liquid poo. With the last 5yrs trying to stop or moderate. Thank you for being here.

  • I started laughing at the part where you say, so logically (paraphrasing), “But I’m not happy and beautiful.” “What is the possibility of evolving into a happy beautiful person if you keep pouring shit on your head?…how do you know, until you stop pouring shit on it, what kind of hair you have?” Unvarnished Belle…you are very funny. And true. You’re right, the sentence came through for me, the one about what people can tell about you…

  • I listened to this while unpacking groceries and making the morning’s coffee (all the fresh fruit at the grocery store makes me a happy camper! My sober treat for the day: a new kind of coffee and fresh apricots).

    I was definitely a little iffy about a podcast entitled ‘liquid poo’ (especially while making breakfast). But I heard something in that audio, wouldn’t you know it? “You have to take the booze out to find out where the fuck your goddess is hiding.” I don’t know why this line made me laugh quite as hard as it did, but it did. Because it’s true. You don’t know what you don’t know, and turns out, taking the booze out of the equation does let you see with a clearer eye. And gives you Choices. Whether that’s what kind of fruit do you want on Sunday morning or should you let someone back into your life who’s been out of it a while… We get choices today.

    That’s pretty cool.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • The bit about self-help is so simple but not easy. But so simple. We can’t talk about being a goddess and manifestation and being a warrior if we haven’t “stopped drinking.” Must be the reason the self-help stuff didn’t stick or work, and why I had an aversion to it. I never stayed stopped. I was always off and on drinking.

  • This is such a powerful metaphor, thank you Belle. I laughed and almost cried. My house, life, seeping with the brown stuff. Two weeks sober and it’s all just getting better!

  • I have been pouring “shit” done my throat for years. I listened to your blog while drinking. I need to stop. You have made me realize it is time to stop. Now.

  • thanks Belle, this is my first response to yr blog so I’m a little nervous .. It’s day 36, I’ve read yr book and listened to some of yr podcasts. All of it is enormously helpful. This audio prompted a film running thro my head of the blackouts, stumbles, falls, raging, shame etc and the wasted wasted time and money while i was pouring liquid shit into my system .. i hadn’t wanted to look at the flow on effects but this audio has me pondering all that .. i don’t find the liquid shit metaphor offensive or weird, more amusing and truthful/powerful. Thanks for making this sober trip seem so much more possible than all the other times I have tried (without supports).

  • I really did hear some things that I’ve never really heard before – you made me laugh and gave me reassurance… you’re like a sea-anchor during an ocean storm.
    The message is so clear, when we want to create change let’s stop drinking and see what happens…thank you Belle. Your clarity and honesty is fresh and clear.

  • Belle! You rock girl. Your tone, your chosen words and your sincerity are exactly what I (and all of us) need. I especially liked the part when you said “sometimes I can drink ok, and sometimes not… well, how about no times???” Perfect. Not a gamble up wanna risk. Love listening to you. Thank you.

  • If I was ever tempted to drink, I’d listen to that audio and rethink the plan. Great apt metaphor for drinking, not too extreme. Thanks Belle.

  • So many gems! So many that resonate as per usual.

    Page 1 of any self help or diet book should read – “stop drinking before doing any of this”. The question is does it not do that because 1. Millions of normies buy the book and don’t need to be told or 2. No one would buy the book?!!

    Very sad but true that people can see when you are drinking too much that you don’t like/ are not happy with yourself/ your chosen lifestyle.

    I’m 9 days away from Day 100 thanks to Belle podcasts!

  • Hi Belle – thought this was great, thank you! I agree with you and many of the others who have made comments about the alcohol amnesia in the self-help industry, and this is really a crucial point. However, shouldn’t the same then apply to addressing smoking/eating/unhealthy relationships, etc? It all stems from the same place, and I think the point of self-help stuff, meditation, etc is to help you get in touch with that part of you that is suffering, and which you have long ago numbed out, which in turn helps you to see your unhealthy/addictive patterns. If self-help books said you’ve got to quit all this stuff first, whilst that would be ideal, people would turn away from that if they are in denial/aren’t aware/don’t have the tools and aren’t in touch with themselves – don’t we say that you can’t force someone to quit unless they’re ready? For me, the self-help stuff came first, years ago before I quit drinking for good (and a whole load of other unhealthy stuff!) I felt more empowered and aware because of that stuff.

  • Oh Belle. You are the voice I’ve been waiting to hear. I’M TIRED OF THINKING ABOUT DRINKING. I so miss that old life before wolfie came to stay about 5 years ago. That’s when the **** hit the fan. Can’t believe this is where I am at 60 years old I’m paying the price on every level. I’m depressed, anxious, fatter than I ever thought I could be. Wine has turned into poo for me. I need to get through today. Thanks for your support.

    • Dear Christine,
      Your message touched my heart — I, too, am 60+, depressed, anxious, fat and paying a dear price for my drinking. Thank you for being brave enough to post this — there is some comfort in knowing that even though we have made terrible mistakes, we are not alone. God bless you, Christine.

  • Really powerful, you have a knack for creating a visual that really gets to the point! Thanks for
    All you do…!

  • OMG Belle, I hear you! All the years of going to workshops, conferences, gatherings, retreats, buying book after book, supplements, meditations, etc. fucking etc. to get my spiritual center on, my goddess guru, my amazon warriorness… How many of these events had wine? Some of the retreats even advertised ending with wine. Perhaps I kept going to see how to feel better, be better, because not drinking seemed too hard and I would keep telling myself that soon I would stop or moderate, with a bit more knowledge… Maybe the drinking was the fucking problem all along, maybe it is the only problem. I don’t know what my hair really can look like, I’ve maybe only gone 6 weeks at the longest between pouring shit over it in many years. I am so curious what it is going to look like… and excited. Also, you mean all this time of me not having my life together, the depression, isolation and anxiety that I fed with a bottle of wine (not 3, not that that matters) which fed the depression, isolation and anxiety, could be smelled by others when I thought I was hiding it, wow, all this really hits home. Thank you

  • Brilliant ! I love the analogy of the rooms and how it doesn’t stay in one room .. you are soooo funny and entertaining and real . Thankyou ! Debbie

  • I loved this, sometimes we just need someone to say these things to us! The part that spoke to me the most was when you were talking about “people knowing your not 100% there….that your not happy in your own skin” that was me when I was drinking…and people didn’t know that I over drank regularly, but they knew I didn’t like myself. This was a good reminder to not forget where I came from, and to keep moving forward.

  • Loved this! At last it’s out in the open how alcohol creates such shit in our lives and how we’re sold an image that this shit is cool, beautiful, trendy and how drinking is the ‘in’ thing.
    I’m back to Day 1 for the zillionth time, but this podcast has really got me, made me feel mad about accepting the shit of needing to drink.
    Love x

    • If you’re repeatedly on day 1, you might want to look at adding in some more tools/supports. it’s not just about declaring a new day 1. it’s about trying something new this time, to get a new result. if you want, you can email and i have a list of 20 things you can try. tiredofdrinking@gmail.com hugs xo

  • Wow- I haven’t listened to many of your podcasts but this made me want to sign up (which I will), but it was very difficult to listen to, boy did it make me squirm. It was like holding up an ugly mirror to my life. I’m proud of myself that I did listen to the end and I have now developed a mental picture I’m going to try and bring forward when I want a drink – me, looking all shiny with nice hair 🙂 with a sparkly, gorgeous bottle of liquid shit hovering over my head about to pour out all over me and wreck my gorgeous-ness. Why would I want to do that to myself, and how dumb would I be to think that just because something comes all prettily packaged with images of glamorous people on a yacht (say), that bottle, at the end of the day, just contains shit?
    The self help but was also a light bulb moment for me – that is all so true! How much alcohol you drink is like the elephant in the room no one mentions!
    I feel like I am going to be walking around the rest of the day now just going “wow”. You’ve really made me think… Thanks ?

  • I appreciate your emails and this is the first podcast I listened to…I did the 100 day challenge and I’ve been trying to dabble with whether I can have a glass a wine every once and a while or not, getting your emails and hearing your message helps me to question why I think I have to be able to drink wine every now and then, because I don’t think I will fit in my life anymore or even in my marriage….but then I hear your messages and I think maybe this isn’t my life, this was life with alcohol, maybe I have to figure out what my life is like still because I’ve been hiding from it with alcohol (and food and work). Thank you.

  • Coming up on 7 months sober now and my turning point was realising that alcohol took from my life and added nothing. This podcast says this so succinctly AND it is clearly indisputable. Wished I’d had this image years ago! Laughed out loud at the self help book comments. It reminded me of my disbelief at a diet book called the liver cleansing diet that unbelievably didn’t exclude alcohol!
    Great listen thanks Belle and I hope the cold gets better soon. Although you may want to keep the new voice 😉

  • ‘Fab’ podcast .. I laughed out loud several times!! I too am a ‘self help’ book addict ..Number 1 buyer on Amazon .. “a book recommended for you”.. then ping!! .. it’s in my library. I’m currently on day 55 and feeling good.. By the way.. I seem to be going for longer and longer without the need to wash my hair .. no build up of shit do you think??

    • Not that I am thinking about drinking, I’m on day 167 and that was great to hear to reinforce what I already know….thank you Belle for always knowing what to say in a way that’s clear, concise and straight to the point…another fab podcast. xx

  • Nothing particularly insightful from me in terms of feedback other than it made me laugh out loud! Spot on as always Belle x

  • That’s how we know those “self help” gurus are only interested in their profit margin. They know if their followers/customers are asked to eliminate alcohol, then poof……People disappear and find coaches who will tell them what they want to hear.

  • I love this one Belle! I did all the self help too–obviously need to ditch the booze first! (I also think doctors and counselors/therapist should be starting with this basic tenet–you need to stop drinking before we can start helping you improve things). The bit about the shit in your carpet that you think no one can smell–that hit home with me. Also, the dirty hair–how do you know what your hair/life is really like if you keep pouring shit on your head? And finally, needing to kick the dirty bastard out of my life to find myself and my joy. Thanks for this!

  • Self help books and blogs. You hit the nail on the head. My response to them was exactly how you say, “You have no idea how much wine I drank last night. I feel too shitty to be a goddess warrior today. I cannot affirm that I’m glorious. This is ridiculous.”
    And back to my wine hidey hole. Thanks, Belle.
    This was timely.

  • I loved this podcast and agreed with it totally. I am just getting ready to leave the hospital after yet another alcohol detox. Alcoholism is a progressive, chronic and fatal disease if one doesn’t stop drinking. And, this time I’ve had enough. I found your post to be very inspiring as I do all of them. Thanks!

    • you might also do better with a bit more support. if what you’ve been trying up to now isn’t quite enough, then you add in some new layers of tools/supports and accountability. i have a list of ideas if you want to email me, i’ll send them to you. tiredofdrinking@gmail.com xo hugs from me

  • So many good analogies in this podcast! My favorites were that alcohol (like poo) seeps in and effects everything, it does not stay in the tiny container we think it does, how we think others cannot smell it in the carpet but they can, and finally, ‘kick the bastard (wolfie) out before you go finding your inner goddess.’ Loved it all, thanks! (Day 638)

  • Hilarious….and so true… well said Belle, in my head I’m saying F—k the liquid poo and it feels so —king good. You have been a fabulous help in my road to recovery and my inner goddess is rearing her beautiful head :))) 31 days and counting, I’m enjoying every poo free moment.

  • Yes, yes, yes! I was one of the people buying the self-help books while pouring booze on my head, then wondering why I was unhappy. Removing the booze gave me the space to start truly understanding family, health, work issues and slowly unraveling the knots. And three cheers for authenticity! The professional mask gets to be stifling after a while. Thanks for this, Belle.

  • What a great, gross visual. Why would I want to have anything to do with addictive liquid poo? To think about it? Spend money on it? Bring it into the house, mind & body that I spend effort on improving & keeping clean? You’re absolutely right that this isn’t talked about in the self-help/spirituality/metaphysical realm, though I know that many of my teachers do not drink or worked through addictions before getting on the higher path AND they still don’t put an emphasis on it. This culture of silence isn’t helping anyone. I also resonated with the idea that even if people don’t smell the booze on me that I’m projecting an image of not loving my life/not being happy. I feel this every time I go to work after a night of liquid poo & look in the mirror to convince myself that no one knows I’m hung over. Thank you for all you do. Day 1 (again) today.

  • I really need more like that! I have said that I need someone to slap me rather than say things like Oh, you’re so good for trying again, you’re worth it, etc. I’m NOT worth it, if I keep dirtying my own hair! I loved that, how do you know what kind of hair you have… Every time I have a few sober days, I go ahead and shit on myself again. I need someone to say what kind of idiot ARE you?? And you’re right about the affirmations, all the sweetness and light stuff just makes me roll my eyes. I’ve got to get out of the dirt/shit before they can even have a chance of making sense to me. Rambling here, thanks for the podcast.

    • I’m going to disagree with the harshness in your email, Diana, and i’m going to wade in here with some much-needed kindness. you’ll need to read this twice. it’s not about worth. and it’s not YOU dirtying your hair.
      it’s the addictive voice in your head.
      make no mistake, it’s not you.
      you learn to separate that voice from the real you. and you do that with a sober coach/penpal support/counsellor/sponsor, whatever.
      because us alone in our heads says things like “i shit on myself” instead of “i need more tools to learn how to get away from this voice in my head.” Kindness is required here. Yes, we need to turn off the poo tap. yes yes. but it’s not YOU. it’s the alcohol. remove the alcohol and this all stops. hugs, belle xo

    • I think maybe affirmations, positive slogans, and platitudes are more easily assimilated by some than they are by others. I like Ranty Belle’s Podcasts. Goddess talk means nothing to me. Manifesting seems like something other people do in some prettier place sans booze…..not mine right now.

      Anon (Day 2 again)

  • I am writing you to tell you I LOVED your addictive liquid poo podcast. Despite it’s funny and gross simile it is right on! It illustrates how we have allowed something that is so bad for us to be so revered and welcomed in our lives and how we really cant control it. Two comments: I wish on times your description of over-drinking weren’t always as extreme (ie 3 bottles of wine a night or vodka in the closet). I was drinking a bottle most nights and found that that was a problem. It allows wolfie to say ..well I wasn’t that bad, I never drank 3 bottles…

    The idea in this podcast that I thought was really new and really powerful was the idea of a huge gigantic self help industry that skips right over the foundation. That alcohol is the root of the problem most times. You can not be your best self if you don’t address that issue 1st. All the meditation and mindfulness is just window dressing. Lastly I am always surprised by loving and supportive friends who really want me to just have one with them. Why does not-drinking make others so nervous? Get off my back and mind your own beeswax right?!

    Thanks for bringing a big smile to my morning with your disgustingly funny and true podcast.

  • Belle it’s day 661. You got me started on a 100 day challenge and I’m still at it. I don’t think I’ve ever said thank you for that. Thank you, xxxxx.
    I’m in a huge transition right now. About to take off on a grand adventure. But before I do, there’s lots of difficult preparation. Decisions and letting go. I’m an old lady and it’s still not easy. So anxiety. Wolfie has been sneaking up on me wearing some fine disguises. I’ve been looking at him… wondering.
    The anxiety has me thinking it’s not really important. I’m not worthy of this new life ahead of me. Fuck you Wolfie! FUCK YOU!
    I can keep going.
    Thanks Belle. You’ve made a difference in my life. Just wanted you to know that.

  • Just what I needed to hear this morning with my coffee. I have tried all the “tricks” to feel better but always denied that my drinking was THE problem I had to face head on. Thank you for this straight talk.

  • This was great!! So many true points. What stuck out the most was about poo in the carpet and thinking no one smells it (thinking I’m hiding my drinking but people can tell I’m not happy with myself). Thank you Belle

  • Ok. This one was wild, but I laughed, I groaned and of course, got my A Ha! moment: so for years, I’ve been destroying my metabolism with every.single.diet out there. Of course, I would always look away from the page when the diet said to cut out wine right?
    So, on May 1st, I said stop. I could buy another house with the money I’ve paid for diet pills, diet books and wine. Nothing ever worked of course because Wolfie was always there, telling me I’m not worthy, telling me I’m just another fuck up and who am I to think differently…
    So yeah, I’m done with the addictive liquid ? !
    Oh and the hair analogy wasn’t that far off… apparently alcohol also messes with your hair too. I read somewhere that quitting is better than expensive conditioner!

  • Oh my days, that podcast (poo-cast) was BRILLIANT! Simultaneously hilarious but also so so true. An incredibly apt metaphor. I relapsed last Monday after two weeks non drinking. Today is day 5 and that was JUST what I need d to hear. Thank you x

  • For years, Belle, I read self-help sweetness books, thinking WTF. Am so glad we both feel the same, I thought, what is wrong with me I could never achieve the BS, these books are telling me — suppose the wine was always in the back of my head as to why I could never achieve optimal happiness. You’re real life, not BS. Glad for the excuse to swerve these books from now on lol…