OMM photo essay with sound – gare de lyon

photo essay with sound

gare de lyon, train station in paris, friday june 2nd at about 7 pm.



listen here:



photos here:

busy for a friday night



“people trying to hand out gifts and flyers”



“there’s a seating area where there are lamps, which creates a nice cafe-atmosphere”



“there’s a guy drinking out of a can of beer, just standing there, sort of looks like it’s normal [for him]”



“and i’m outside, and it’s stopped raining, and there’s a little bit of blue sky …”



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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Do you live anywhere near Disneyland Paris? Id like to know if it’s worth a visit! If that’s not possible then a video of the Eiffel Tower as its years since I saw that ?

  • Belle as always a great place to see and hear! I would love to see and hear the ” The I love You Wall” if possible!

  • Absolutely wonderful. Great to see a snippet of your life and realize I could do the same thing here – get out of my head for a while and into the world. It’s hopeful of what life without alcohol can look and feel like – more alive and living in the moment. Genius !!!

  • Love this! I’m stuck at home, recovering from pneumonia, and this got me out of the house for a bit. Also brought up sentimental feelings, as I have been there. Thank you!

  • This is fun! It’s a piece of your world and I love stretching and connecting. To see your city is cool and although there are differences, there are such similarities ( the chatter, hustling around, basic humanness) and I think it brings us all closer. Loved the blue sky comment!

  • Genius! t was wonderful to follow the photos with your narration. Every day we say to each other “we have to go back to Paris”. These just reinforce that. I see Macron has offered refuge to American citizens that would like to leave. If we didn’t have all these cats, we would be there in a heartbeat! Thank you!

  • The best part was, “And now I’m outside again, and it stopped raining, and there is a little bit of blue sky”. Isn’t that what this whole thing is all about? Taking that moment out of the rain, changing your paradigm, and then finding that sliver of blue? Sometimes we can live in overwhelm. Just take it in five minute chunks. I can handle the next five minutes if I change my point of view and see what is around the bend.

    Neat perspective, Belle.

      • Just to clarify — I enjoyed the post as a fun thing but thought you wanted opinion of whether this would be good as a coaching tool – in which case I prefer straight audio.
        The visuals were fun. I have been to France and miss it terribly. It was a highlight of my life frankly! Would love to see more images but more as like an instagram deal.

  • Great fun?. A ‘window into your world’…… How did you take the pics while speaking uninterrupted – a separate phone or voice recorder?

    • i did the voice recording and the photos both with my phone. in this case, i did some photos first, then the audio and then more shots at the end. and the audio was originally 10 minutes long, and earlier version had a mention of french scarves … but when you edit something with a loud background like this, you can chop out whole sections and it seems perfectly seamless. the new one i recorded this morning, i actually pressed pause on the recording to snap the photos right then and there… we’ll see how it edits together when it’s done. the audio might be more ‘flowy’ if it’s not paused repeatedly, but we’ll see on the new market one coming later today.

  • Makes me want to travel again! We live in a remote city so its expensive to travel, but hubby and I were just speaking of visiting France last night, so this has fuelled inspiration. Thanks for the glimpse into your day Belle. I think it complements your offerings nicely. It’s a good ‘switching the channel’ tactic. ?

  • Very nice! I really enjoyed listening to that. Thanks! I agree – the sandwich delivery cart idea would be great!!

  • Hi Belle, a mentor (for online publishing) said, “They will sign up for your content, but they will return for YOU”. You nail this–thanks for sharing about yourself in interesting and imaginative ways. The pictures make the sound track pop! And thanks above everything for your message–that we can be real and whole without falling prey to wolfie’s lies : )

  • Can someone explain to me why this is useful? If it is not about alcohol. I must be missing something (help!). How is this helpful?

  • So enjoyable! Felt like I was taking a break alongside you. Reminded me that one of my reaching out tools is walking and people watching. Thanks.

  • Belle, this was great! I love listening to you; you’re an excellent narrator and story teller. I felt as though I was there in the train station with you especially with the background noise and pictures.

  • thanks for giving us a glimpse of your world! i should send you a photo narration of penn station. Especially around the time when the last train leaves the city for the island (NOT pretty) ;p