3 thoughts to “sober treats”

  1. Yum! Great idea for a sober treat, Belle! I haven’t had a sweet popcorn with sweet nuts (like cracker jacks) in soooo long. They have some really good ones at our local health food store. And, they have this delicious probiotic drink that is Mojito flavored (mint & lime). These two things will be great to have waiting for me at home after date night Friday night with the hubs. I’ve been so nervous because dinner out usually involved aperitif, wine, wine and port. But, he’s going non-alcoholic with me and with sober treats waiting at home… I know I Can Do It !!!! ?

  2. Oh! I get it! Sweet Treat, Thank you 🙂 Headed over to buy one for you, too, Belle ;-))) Thank YOU and your welcome ;-)))

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