Tired of Thinking About Drinking

motivation for new years

you’re not required to drink. drinking is not a necessary thing that you must do. that other people are drinking does not mean that you have to. that alcohol exists in the world does not mean you need to have it in you.

you get to do what’s best for you.

you get to take care of you.

[two archived audios that might help, live call from New Year’s Day 2014 and from New Year’s Day 2015]

happy new you ๐Ÿ™‚

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6 thoughts on “motivation for new years

  1. Happy New Year, Belle!
    You are so right.
    This is my second sober NYE, and it is fun!!

  2. Thanks for this! I’m a little nervous about tonight, two functions to attend, one with dinner and wine and less pressure, the second with strictly drinking and more drinking. I WOULD opt out of the second but it’s my very recently new daughter-in-law’s family hosting the event. I only want to drop by, say “Happy New Year”, hug my son and his wife and leave. The last time I was at these people’s home was the last time I drank – Christmas. I love my kids so much I want to be in their world but not OF their world. Am I a fool??

  3. ScrubJay on said:

    Happy Sober New Year to all! It will be nice to wake up early tomorrow, to start the new year fresh, without a headache or dry mouth or fuzzy memory. I had pizza and ice cream in the local Italian restaurant tonight. I looked at the rows of wine bottles displayed on the walls, and I said, “that’s not for me.” So glad.

  4. Festie on said:

    Happy New Year! My second sober New Year too. It helps that we always see a favorite Irish musician who has been in recovery for 29 years. He is an inspiration.

  5. Yay! I made it!!! Had a few moments of “Doesn’t it feel weird to be at this event without drinking?” but pressed on and was able to laugh and sing with the other normal drinkers and non-drinkers at the dinner (mentioned above). After toasting in the New Year with sparkling water, hubby and I opted out of the serious heavy drinking party scheduled for later in the evening/morning. And although I was tired when I woke up, that was ALL I was. It feels good to make good choices. Happy New Year everyone! Day 7. ๐Ÿ™‚

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