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Inky: “Belle, please consider coming up with a sober treaterator that consists of a widgit on your website – you click the link and get an idea for a sober treat!

Sober treat suggestions include bubble bath, earl grey tea and shortbread cookies (my fave), nice smelling hand lotion, amazing FU Wolfie necklace, dark chocolate, a pedicure, a delish smelling candle etc.

I say this as an ace treat giver/accepter. I have taken up choc chip cookie baking and comfy sock purchasing with gusto, but sometimes I wouldn’t mind ideas:) for example, I listened to your sober treat podcast, all in a grumpy mood cause work and I agreed at the end of your podcast that I needed a treat. But earl grey and shortbread wasn’t cutting it, neither were some of my other go-tos. For that purpose, a handy-dandy sober treaterator would be perfect!! Sort of like when you couldn’t find the “right” treat so u forced yourself to get ice cream.

I also think the more specific the better. I like the idea of trying new things and folks can always just get chocolate if “sea salted dark chocolate” doesn’t cut it:). It sounds like work, but if your sober team gets in on the act and sends you reams and reams of sober treat ideas, then hopefully we can help:)

Sober treaterator, I need you now! Actually, I think earl grey may do the trick.”


So here’s your job. Post in the comments below your ideas for creative sober treats.  Food or not-food. Something you can link to being sober, where you can get the treat and say to yourself “this is my treat for being sober.”

I’ll begin.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

71 thoughts on “Treat-erator

  1. lavender bubble bath
    cedar bubble bath
    purple fairy lights for the bedroom
    new oven mitts
    iPhone cover with a photo on it
    the best turquoise felt pen ever
    firecracker chocolate (!)

    1. New maps (I love to hike)
      Flowers with a note showing what sober day it is for you
      Sharpies (who doesn’t love Sharpies?)
      New journal

    1. New lip balm or gloss
      New flavor of coffee or tea
      Pair of earrings
      Funky bracelet
      Gourmet ice cream treat
      Take out for dinner
      Wander through HomeGoods or Trader Joe’s with a $$ limit in mind and pick up whatever you want within that limit

  2. Read a poem. Hafiz, Rumi, Mary Oliver are some favorites that come to mind. Also, a really good pen, a cool new notebook/journal, read the funny cards at the store, buy an inspiring card with words or images that feed your spirit.

  3. Indulgent coffee drink, new journal, new novel, walk in the park with an audio book, time alone, good music with noise canceling headphones, silly computer game time.

  4. Mani and/or Pedi

    Limeade, made with stevia, Key West lime juice, a sprig of fresh mint, crushed ice.

    Window shopping online (all the things you could buy with the booze money you’re saving)

    New bedding to make your bedroom beautiful & inviting (refuge 😉

  5. A bead, just one, per week or every treat or when you feel like it, then when you have enough you can make a necklace and see all that you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come 🙂

  6. A trip to the library. I load up on books that look interesting and strike my fancy. Right now I’m fascinated by “Romantic Outlaws- the extraordinary lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and her daughter Mary Shelley”. I’ve always enjoyed reading, but it’s even better now that I’m sober 🙂

  7. Mani + Pedi, warm slice of apple pie, smoky Lapsang Souchong tea, homemade peach jam, make time to make the homemade peach jam, fill up a wish list on amazon…

  8. A nice, long hike followed by an hour long massage. Now that I’m feeling better, I’m learning that exercise can be just as much of a treat! Of course a massage to smooth out those tired muscles is also a bonus!

  9. * Lip gloss
    * Scented candle
    * Bouquet of wildflowers from outside
    * Hand-milled soap (which gets very lathery)
    * Slice of cake from bakery
    * Foot massage/reflexology treatment
    *”Orange Is The New Black” on DVD
    * Popsicle
    * Exotic spice to try on food

  10. Turmeric-ginger tea (yum!)
    New colored pens/pencils
    Chocolate truffle
    Mini cupcake
    Coconut milk ice cream
    Fresh pressed Colombian coffee
    Guilt-free pass to watch a tele-novela

    1. Permission to lie in bed all morning, reading and napping

      Indulgent yarn for a knit or crochet project

      A massage or facial or both

      Spur of the moment movie or concert tickets

      A day off to explore a new neighborhood in your town

      Gourmet take-out for dinner

      Book a vacation a few months in advance. It will give you something to stay sober for, and the anticipation is a treat in itself

      Buy something now that you’ll need on vacation: cute tote bag, sandals …

  11. Coconut curry
    huge sunflower
    Yoga session with only “feel good” poses
    Contact an old friend
    Elaborate spicy tomato juice beverage
    Half dozen fresh oysters
    Blue apron subscription

  12. Squeeeeee I am super happy we’re doing this!!! Love all your ideas. Peach jam is so deluxe and specific, what a yummy thought! And fresh pressed Colombian coffee!! Now I’m thinking about having them together *drool*
    A few more:
    – fresh cut tulips in your favorite color
    – a mindless magazine like US or Real Simple

  13. A massage…. Or some really expensive face serum that you wouldn’t normally buy… Or an adventure… Like taking an archery class! Oh oh fancy soap from Lush!

  14. Similar to Lisa’s limeade, I love this “mocktail.”

    Yield: 1 serving


    1 medium cucumber
    2 tablespoons fresh mint leaves
    3/4 cup sparkling water
    1/3 lime
    3/4 teaspoon stevia

    Juice the cucumber, mint and lime together in a juicer. Stir in the stevia and sparkling water. Serve over ice. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint and a lime or cucumber slice.

  15. New nail polish or lipstick, pineapple already cored and cut, beautiful mug for tea or coffee, takeout of your favorite lunch, a couple of hours at the zoo, vegging on the couch with an old movie.

  16. These ideas are awesome! At the very least, I’m favorite-ing this website. Here are some things I use as treats:

    Potted flowers – nurturing something feels good!

    Fancy tea…the kind I can only find in specialty stores

    A couple minutes cataloging old photos. My photo catalog goes from recent photos of nature hikes and general awesome gradually to selfies at bars. Scrolling through it is so enlightening!

    Hot cocoa with cinnamon and marshmallows

    Day trip to a theme park or water park

    Lunch with a friend or family member at a fancy sandwich shop

    Art / craft supplies, and then time to actually finish a project. I like a small canvas with acrylic paints, and then I just paint randomness.

    Also, I have a list of things involving a lake / ocean: stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, trip to the beach, open water distance swimming…and on.

  17. Get a white gel pen and a gray sketch pad and write poems, French words, anything…. White on gray makes ANYONES handwriting pretty! Buy pretty beads to string and hang on a window as daytime sheers. Learn a new French word (or any language) and use it all the time. Buy different music on iTunes. Or just listen to the previews of different music and let it take you on a bunny trail of ‘if you like this then you will like that…’ Fairy lights everywhere. Not just the bedroom. I buy home starry from amazon. They last forever. Dye an old garment a different color. I have new favorite colors being sober. New sheets! A crazy, amazing different color than you would ever buy. Bright and happy. Learn a bad French word and use it on someone when you’re really frustrated, but with a smile. Ok…maybe not the last one, but it makes ME feel good. ^_~

  18. Walk to the park and watch the little ones play in the fountain remembering when and how joy didn’t come out of a bottle:)

  19. I go on eBay and bid between fifty cents and a dollar (no more) on crap that is for sale with Free Shipping. It’s actually fun.

  20. -10 minute massage at a nail salon
    -Starting some fresh basil for your windowsill
    -Ice-skating lessons
    -A hot bath with a cold seltzer and a candle
    -Permission to internet surf

  21. This is brilliant I can’t ever come up with a treat when a moment of ” drink now” is happening. Please if it’s at all possible set it up!!!!!!

  22. So happy you’re doing this!! I love all of the suggestions so far!! I tend to do smaller ($5 or less) treats every couple of days, and then plan bigger ones for different milestones (7 days, two weeks, 30 days, etc.):

    *individual cake slice or fancy cupcake from the bakery
    *new nail polish color or lipgloss
    *jar of fancy olives or specialty pickles
    *movie rental from Redbox or OnDemand or Amazon
    *songs from iTunes
    *audiobook from Audible
    *small orchid plant (often they are cheaper than a bouquet at the grocery store or Trader Joe’s, and they’re really easy to care for, plus so satisfying when they rebloom!)
    *drop-in yoga or barre class
    *lavender oil to put on the bottoms of my feet (or wherever) as part of my “calming” nighttime routine
    *grown-up coloring books and colored pencils (really helps me relax/zone out in the evening)
    *a new sports bra or workout top (I take care of me!)
    *a new nightgown (to replace the one with wine stains, haha!)
    *a new mug for tea to make drinking sober tea feel special
    *some cute little mason jars to organize my teas
    *a new pair of earphones to use to listen to podcasts or audiobooks
    *rosehip oil or wrinkle cream to put on my face at night now that I’m sober and remember to wash my makeup off before bed 😉
    *a haircut — I not only felt pampered, but having a “style” made me feel more put-together, plus I got bangs, which made me feel like a new/sober person! 🙂

  23. from Sahara:
    Small tub of luxury ice cream
    Chocolate bar (of course)
    An episode of a favourite TV show whilst putting my feet up
    Sitting in the sun and doing nothing at all for 30 mins (although I am in the UK so no guarantee of a full 30 mins sun).
    Buying a gossipy magazine and reading it in one sitting
    A bunch of Sweet William flowers (I love this idea)

  24. Paint my fingernails

    Pick a bouquet for my bathroom

    Buy a trashy magazine.

    Decadent ice cream

    Lie down and breathe for 5 minutes

    Bake something pretty

    Mud mask and foot soak

    Tonic water and a splash if tart cherry

  25. I am not a fan of sweet things and, as a guy, lipstick and fingernail polish don’t cut it either. I emailed Belle this morning that my treats are going to be English pickled onions in malt vinegar and giant garlic-stuffed olives. Both are in the tart/sour side of things, which Belle tells us is good for reducting cravings. Also, both go very well with a side of V8 and Worcestershire 🙂 And, this is my first comment on Tired of Talking About Drinking. I’m on Day 7 of the challenge

    1. Sounds like a perfect plan. And, good for you for getting out there and sharing. Congratulations on taking up the challenge. I didn’t think I could ever get sober…today is day 900. This really does happen.

  26. Replacing the worn out broken items like oven mitts or that bent strainer that we keep using over and over again. Things that fall to the wayside because of drinking.

  27. Day 33. Here is my newest list of treats. I came up with this list to get me out of my rut of watching TV after work. It’s amazing how even one glass of wine would suck any motivation out of me to get out and DO things.

    Get out watercolors and play around with them.
    Find a new place to go for a walk.
    Go to the pet store and pet the cats waiting for adoption.
    Go to the pool/hot tub/steam room at the gym.
    Take a new fun class at the gym. Key being fun!
    Go bowling.
    Go out for dessert.
    Hike by the river.
    Sketch birds.
    Take car to carwash and vacuum it out.
    Set up the Wii and get a fun dance game.
    Find free concerts/exhibits in area.
    Have a fire outside and make s’mores.
    Make cookies. Deliver to friends, neighbors.
    Go to Fresh Market and try out different cheeses. Buy one i like.
    Go to the Farmer’s Market.
    Do a puzzle.
    Play Yahtzee or solitaire. Not the computer kind.
    Go to the Nature Center.
    Go to Trader Joes (this is a bit of a hike for me so not something i usually do) and get something I’ve never tried before.

    Thanks, Belle, for encouraging us that we deserve and need treats.

    Hugs Back!

  28. Got some great ideas here…
    day 5. Think I’ll do some sweet Williams and a hot bath and candle after work. I haven’t had many sober days yet so I haven’t been taking care of me. Memorial Day weekend…long one for me since I own/manage a restaurant. Used to be vodka or wine to quickly relax me after these hard weekends, but here I go…bath and flowers and Epsom salts.

  29. Here are my favorites so far (Day 43)
    -luxurious body wash
    -nice kitchen hand soap that doesn’t dry out my hands and smells good
    -entertainment or fashion magazine
    -almond milk coffee drink
    -trip to the library
    -afternoon break to read said library books and magazines
    -try a new recipe
    -sunrise walk (for me sleeping in is not a treat)
    -going to bed at 9:30 to read
    -nice notebook and pens for work (I keep a daily log of my work and it’s much nicer with quality materials)
    -not cooking dinner (takeout)

    I love this post and I am going to take note of all these great suggestions!

  30. 1. A foot massage
    2. A restorative yoga class
    3. A hike in the Hollywood Hills (or trails elsewhere)
    4. Gourmet coffee
    5. John Oliver marathon
    6. Game of Thrones marathon
    7. Gelato
    8. A day at the beach (or any nearby water)
    9. A rest in the hammock
    10. New nail polish, face cream or body lotion
    11. Buy a new fancy smelling candle
    12. Go hear live music
    13. Spend time with people you love
    14. Spend precious time alone
    15. Swim
    16. Go for a sushi
    17. Grill outdoors
    18. Hire someone to clean the house
    19. Buy and make your bed with brand new and expensive sheets… crisp white, fresh and cozy… and
    20. Last, but not least… Eat dark chocolate and dry roasted almonds!


  31. Love all of these !!!!
    Vanity Fair magazine
    Any British detective / crime drama like Scott and Bailey
    Walk in nature
    Reading in bed midday
    New jeans
    New yoga anything
    Time in a bookstore ( new or used )
    New flavour nesspresso pod
    Researching next vacation
    Breakfast bagel
    Nut butter on apple ( ”tis the season in Ontario )
    Milk chocolate caramel squares ( whole foods )
    Hot chocolate made with hazelnut milk and honey and raw cacao
    Really good kombucha drink ( my new mockail ) Rise is good

    What’s amazing to me is how much fun it is to find new treats
    The warm feeling of making yourself feel good and being sober to enjoy it 😊

  32. New cookbook
    Glitter nail varnish
    Colouring book
    Bubble bath
    Hot chocolate
    Box of chocolates that you would normally only ever give as a gift
    Kitchen gadget
    Take a bath
    Snuggle under the duvet
    Hair clips
    Fairy lights
    Something completely useless from a charity shop
    Takeaway pizza
    Turn your phone off
    Lip gloss
    Bed picnic
    Shake your booty (don’t even need music)
    Ice cream

  33. What about some big velvet duck egg blue cushions for your bed. A pair of ugg boot slippers which whenever you put them on encase your feet and feel like a soft dream.

  34. A treat from your local cheap/ discount shop.
    10mins of breathing/ meditation work
    A 7min workout to get u sweating! (There is an app for this)

  35. -Bubble bath – in a jet tub – bonus!
    -Bengal Spice tea – w/ a high quality dark chocolate
    -A trip to Target – I especially love the smell of Target in the morning!
    -A kundalini yoga session
    -Live concert – just saw The Lumineers last week – so good for the soul they are
    -new toiletries – bubble bath, face wash, moisturizer, you name it (refer to suggestion number 3)
    -fresh flowers! Make a bunch of mini bouquets and place them in all your favorite happy spots
    -a fascinating new book – just read ‘The Afterlife of Billy Fingers’ – highly recommend!

  36. Definitely think the treat machine should deliver poems. Also almonds coated in dark chocolate. Also beautiful stationary / journals etc are lovely treats. New socks. A special scarf. Download a fab novel. Order a fab series on amazon/netflix, gorgeous bath oil, tea in the garden, walk in the park.

  37. Belle knows mine – pickled onions (the big sour ones that come from the UK), garlic-stuffed olives, and Cheezies. One can mix these together for a delightful taste sensation that will take your mind off of drinking for sure, or indulge in them one at a time.

  38. Adult coloring books – the kind that have complex patterns and mandalas – and colored pencils! Coloring is so relaxing, and when I do mandala ones, I get lost (in a good way) in them.

  39. Challenge the treaterator by going through the alphabet and getting the treat for that letter only. This could take you anywhere! Eg. A = Apple Mojito Mocktail. There are 7,000 varieties of apples in the world. Find one you’ve never tasted before. B = Banoffee Pie. Dang!! There’s my treat right there!!!

  40. This was inspirational, hoping this is one of the (many) places I’ve gone wrong in my ‘practise’ runs. I’m scheduling as follows for the rest of the month:
    Monday – new Bourjois 1 sec nail varnish
    Wed – white lillies
    Friday – new Kindle book from my ever growing wish list
    Saturday – Frankincense & Myrrh tealights & bottle raspberry fizz
    To celebrate sober Christmas – new pj’s & lounge pants
    To celebrate sober New Year – new headphones
    And as I’m only on day 13 I think I will reward myself with new earrings for when I get to 30 days.
    This has been the most exciting part so far in my sober journey, my inner 2 year old is leaping up & down with anticipation & is now asking why I wasted so much money on wine before when I could have indulged in so many better ways…can only think it was because it made me REALLY FUCKING STUPID.

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