from my inbox:

Inky: “Belle, please consider coming up with a sober treaterator that consists of a widgit on your website – you click the link and get an idea for a sober treat!

Sober treat suggestions include bubble bath, earl grey tea and shortbread cookies (my fave), nice smelling hand lotion, amazing FU Wolfie necklace, dark chocolate, a pedicure, a delish smelling candle etc.

I say this as an ace treat giver/accepter. I have taken up choc chip cookie baking and comfy sock purchasing with gusto, but sometimes I wouldn’t mind ideas:) for example, I listened to your sober treat podcast, all in a grumpy mood cause work and I agreed at the end of your podcast that I needed a treat. But earl grey and shortbread wasn’t cutting it, neither were some of my other go-tos. For that purpose, a handy-dandy sober treaterator would be perfect!! Sort of like when you couldn’t find the “right” treat so u forced yourself to get ice cream.

I also think the more specific the better. I like the idea of trying new things and folks can always just get chocolate if “sea salted dark chocolate” doesn’t cut it:). It sounds like work, but if your sober team gets in on the act and sends you reams and reams of sober treat ideas, then hopefully we can help:)

Sober treaterator, I need you now! Actually, I think earl grey may do the trick.”


So here’s your job. Post in the comments below your ideas for creative sober treats.  Food or not-food. Something you can link to being sober, where you can get the treat and say to yourself “this is my treat for being sober.”

I’ll begin.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Keep a small carton of soya cream for coffee. I never have cream with coffees so this feels luxurious. I make a pot and take some time to enjoy it.

  • I went to an apple orchard today and bought myself a hot apple cider donut coated in cinnamon sugar AND a glass of freshly made (non-alcoholic) apple juice. In the past I was always saving such calories for wine time. No more!

  • Today I went to the Adirondack Museum there was a Mohak woman making making beaded necklaces and since it’s Day 12 I bought one!