Tired of Thinking About Drinking

The “Drink Now” Voice

Quote from Tuesday’s writing session:
I know of a way to get that “Drink now” voice in your head to stop. Yes. It’s true. I have found the cure.
Stop laughing.
Not only will this cure get the “Drink now” voice to stop, but the cure will also cause you to sleep better, have less anxiety, spend less money, feel more connected to people. You’ll probably lose weight over time. You’ll travel with less jetlag. Your face won’t look so puffy. Your kids will be happy to hang out with you.
And you’ll be proud of yourself.
I’m not sure how much you’d pay for this cure. But here it is, I’ll give it to you for free: Want all that stuff up there, all those good things? Want the voice in your head to stop? Just …

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2 thoughts on “The “Drink Now” Voice

  1. Julie-Joy's DAD on said:

    I assume you mean … “Start” laughing NOT stop Laughing …

  2. INNEEDOFGRACE on said:

    stop drinking…..lol

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