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sober treat

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22 thoughts on “sober treat

  1. So now juices must be included in sober treat packages!

  2. Oooooh! Enjoy!!! 🙂 Carrot or beetroot, stick cellery, apple, lemon and ginger is my favorite. With some cucumber if the taste is too strong.
    I am supposing you already know this, but in case you don’t: juice your veggies and eat your fruit otherwise you will be putting on some pounds here and there. One juice of 3 apples does carry all the sugar of these apples.
    Have a good juicing weekend! 🙂

    • today for a first trial, it was carrot, ginger, orange, lemon & apple. tomorrow is a green juice to use up all the weird bits in my fridge (celery, cucumber, spinach, blueberries…) i have some fresh salsa i’m going to put in too !

      • Ghegheghe, yeah, that’s the cool thing with the one you have: you can put the leaves in it too. I ‘just’ have a juicer. Btw: do you know the movie ‘superjuice me’? From Jason Vale, yes, the writer of the book ‘Kicking the drink easily’ – which actually is the book I read up to the day I quit. If you don’t know it: tor me he took care of the ‘mind’ part of drinking: where we think it is a good idea, he debunks every concept of that and that has worked for me (so far, no promisses).
        Enjoy the juicing :-).

  3. Beachluvn Annie on said:

    HAPPY HAPPY 1000 days Belle, this is a BIG BIG deal to move from “triple digits” to “quadruple digits” … we stay in “quadruple digits” until we are 27.3 years sober! Welcome to the quad club, STAY, it’s warm, fuzzy and loving here.

  4. alixkirsti on said:

    Oh absolutely fabulouso, Belle. Happy Day 1000.

  5. soberp82 on said:

    Happy 1000 days Belle! Enjoy the juicing 🙂

  6. YUMMY. A very well-deserved treat 🙂 Happy Day 1000 Belle! ST

  7. Happy 1000 days, Belle! 🙂

  8. Birch Girl on said:

    That juicer looks dangerous … 😉

    HUGE congrats on day 1000! You are such an inspiration!!

    Much love from me xxx

  9. C’est manifique, n’est-ce pas?

  10. Happy 1000 days, Belle!

  11. Happy 1000! Xxx

  12. I love the juicer. I have a “fast” one. Do you love the slow juicer? Do you juice each day? I go in spurts. You+1000 days=amazing. You+1000 days=hope. Congratulations 🙂

  13. Festie on said:


  14. Sophiesomething on said:

    yay! Great for you!!!

  15. Summer walking on said:

    Congratulation Belle on 1000 days that is amazing and oh so inspiring. What an inspiration you are. The juices sound so yummy and what an appropriate 1000 day treat. Such yummy drinks to make. Enjoy.

  16. Congratulations – that’s a really big deal.
    Best, Manda xx

  17. Miss M on said:

    Happy day 1000! What a lovely way to treat yourself. True nourishment! Enjoy your Juice and your day! YOU ARE LOVED!!!!

  18. Anonymous on said:

    Congrats belle! 1000 is a big deal! Love the juicer ! Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re awesome!

  19. Yay for 1000! Love the juicer – enjoy!!! X

  20. Happy 1000 love the juice machine, love shiny kitchen gadgets 🙂

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