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Audio: Blog #1, day 9

Just had a request to READ from my blog and to make it into an audio format … so why not. Makes sense to start in the beginning. Here’s Blog #1. I was on day 9.

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7 thoughts on “Audio: Blog #1, day 9

  1. Great idea. Not only is it helpful for us to hear your blog read by you but I am sure it is insightful for you to go back and remember the early days. I’d look forward to hearing more.

  2. Love this!! Please do more! (As if you don’t do enough already.)

  3. Wow! Very timely for me. Day 14-1st bitchy day. I hate everybody. I want to drink wine and smoke cigarettes. I’ve been a bitch to my husband and youngest son all afternoon. Not like me at all.
    When people are dying-they often go through what we nurses call “terminal restlessness” which I describe to families as wanting to be anyplace but where they are. That’s how I feel today.
    Tomorrow may be better-better be better! But even if it’s not-I won’t drink. And I will apologize to my family for today ☀️

  4. love, Love, LOVE this! You’ve spoken in the past about moving into more podcasts and I think this is a great way of exploring that road. By turning your old posts into podcasts brings your audience that much closer.

  5. Oops, hit enter toooo soon:). I really felt like you were speaking directly to me. Your beautiful nature shines through, and takes those posts to a whole new level. I think you’ve got something here:)

  6. Thanks Belle. Good to hear your voice giving life to the words and your reflections on what it was like, reaching out in the early days.

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