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Audio: That You Don’t Deserve It? … Not True

This audio is about the really loud lady upstairs. It’s about finally deciding that things need to change. It’s about overcoming the idea that you don’t deserve the new, good thing. And it’s about our ever-present idea that “the new thing is going to suck…”

And i tell the story about my mother at the jazz festival… It’s all about what YOU deserve.

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6 thoughts on “Audio: That You Don’t Deserve It? … Not True

  1. Loved it.. Thank you.

  2. Love that…..stop assuming the new thing will suck! Hope the lady upstairs finds a hobby soon πŸ˜‰ -Day 1! Jaden

  3. Still counting down to October 1st. This excerpt ended way too soon! Will be in touch next week x

  4. Loved it and wanted to hear more.

    • sisty, are you a podcast subscriber? it’s audio #62 if you are … if not, you could sign up πŸ™‚ there are other audios in there too well. i’m just saying …

  5. Scrappy on said:

    Love it, love you 😘 thanks!

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