Tired of Thinking About Drinking

fan photo

HAHA. look at the photo that heidistar sent me 🙂


Heidistar (day 132): “Shit Belle Says. So awesome. I still need a reminder there that life is different now. It’s better.”


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4 thoughts on “fan photo

  1. Did you ever think you’d be this famous and Cool ?~! I love what you do, Belle. Keep up the journey; it only gets better.

  2. Beachluvn Annie on said:

    Cool yes, famous no …. just another alcoholic…not better, not worse….than any of the rest of us, Belle gives back to the sober community in her way which is blogging, we all have A WAY to give back to our sober community, I encourage you to find yours and start carrying the message to the sick, suffering, and dying surrounding you in your daily lives. It’s the best feeling to serve others, much btr feeling that drunk!

  3. THAT is a fabulous mug right there!

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