5 thoughts to “go to bed”

  1. I got home from work last night and jumped right into my Jammie’s. Safe and sound and sober at home…aaahhh

  2. Go figure, you’re tired, stressed bored, go to bed….DUH! Wolfie had me convinced that a bottle of wine or several glasses of vodka would help me to fight the tired and stay awake or destress me and make everything better…really?!!! Waking up after a good, sober nights sleep is pretty incredible and waking up with no regrets from things you can’t remember from the night before is ever better. Bed is now one of my favorite places to hide!

  3. Sleep has been a restorative escape for me for many years. I have used it when I need to think hard, digest relationships or food, resolve upsets or just regroup in time for my next commitment. Sleep is the best drug of all.

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