10 thoughts to “are you a good treater?”

  1. I have always bought myself “little treats”, but it was mainly just a spur of the moment thing without any real thought to this is a “treat for x”. Now, at your suggestion, Belle, I am planning sobriety treats like in the “homework” you assigned me for early days in sobriety–a treat every two days. Now, I realize, it’s a mindful treat linked to the most important task in my life right now–staying sober! This works for me! Thank you, Belle! My two-day treats for this week are: today (Monday)–new shade of nail polish, Wed–metal statuette of an Egyptian cat I saw at a local thrift store (Cat Adoption Team, so tons of cat artifacts there!), and Friday:a decaf coffee from Starbucks (I don’t do caffeine anymore–I found it causes me anxiety!).

  2. I had never given myself treats until Belle recommended the practice. I bought myself a new lipstick today – a nice one. Now I am thinking ——diamonds 😉

  3. Oh that is nice Kerry- I ordered the My Care Package and I have the F-U Wolfie Bracelet. The Stay Here one and the Not Today one are really nice too.

  4. Treats is an interesting idea from a male perspective. We don’t buy small items very often unless it’s a cigar or a bottle of bourbon or a router bit. I’m not doing most of that any more 🙂 Treats for me have always been experiences like kayaking down a river, or flyfishing my favorite stream. Most of those experiences also included the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Now I have to rewrite those paradigms. Now treats is waking up to a wonderful cup of coffee, not to cure the hangover. Going to my personal trainer steady enough to excel at all he throws at me. Just my typical male perspective is all.

  5. I’m working on it. I have the FU bracelet…Funny how much I spent on booze and never thought about it but I question a $10.00 or even a $5.00 purchase for myself now…and now I actually deserve it!

  6. SueW – that is ME too! Cash on booze flew out of my bank account, but yesterday I agonized about buying a facial scrub for $7.99 ( I didn’t buy it!).

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