Tired of Thinking About Drinking

search engine results: “hammered dog shit”

Here are some of the search phrases that people have used in the last 30 days that have led them to my blog…

  • stop drinking blogs
  • belles sobriety
  • ways to stop drinking without aa
  • dehydrate the wolf
  • lovely ass
  • hammered dog shit
  • being sober is the best
  • hey jessica fuck you
  • online sobriety support
  • first year of sobriety
  • fuck you wolfie
  • tell me something good about sobriety
  • one fucking day at a time bracelet
  • www pessing drking an fucks.com.xxx
  • bracelet fuck me
  • is being sober worth it
  • why i’m not special ?
  • how wine ruined my life
  • quitting drinking is cool
  • super small fuck
  • belle blogger sobriety
  • best part of sobriety is sleep
  • i’m not special
  • shitstorm of treats
  • fuck you bracelet
  • john wayne quotes “life’s hard, it’s harder when you’re stupid”


Happy Day 50 to Otherjosh!

Happy Day 50 to Susannah!

Happy Day 50 to Missie515513!

Happy Day 100 to Lisch!

Happy Day 180 to Jeannie Yogini!

Happy Day 365 to KT!

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11 thoughts on “search engine results: “hammered dog shit”

  1. OMG “braclet fuck me” had me laugh out loud! LOVE IT! I love when you post the search engine key words! They never fail to entertain!


    Some of my best include:

    – fucking rssults fuccking change blog
    – farst time focking trening.com
    – if i drink once does that count against sobriety time
    -appearances different on sobrioty
    -why sobrioty changed my physical appearance
    – my sobrioty is physically amazing

    I think the last 3 might be from one person who REALLY wanted to look good by being sober 😉

  3. wanda on said:

    The most common tag is “fuck” appearing 7 times/ second most common tag is “sobriety” appearing 6 times…..:) No need to thank me for the analysis Belle, you advised me to stay busy to stay sober during this phase, it is I who thank you!

  4. The one that has me most curious is eff-u-Jessica

  5. Renee on said:

    “shitstorm of treats” – personal fave.

  6. Zenmeg on said:

    Reading all of the search terms would lead me to think your blog was about something else. So funny!

  7. I’m off now to see what brings people to me… unlikely to be anywhere near as amusing I suspect…

  8. THE Duchess on said:

    Just read this. Thanks for the laugh. Love it!

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