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you and your goal

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Happy Day 50 to Jlynn!

Happy Day 50 to Runsinmud!

Happy Day 50 to Tiffany!

Happy Day 50 to Pip!

Happy Day 50 to Monica!

Happy Day 50 to JunieB!

Happy Day 50 to slbdelight!

Happy Day 50 to janne!

Happy Day 50 to sids!

Happy Day 50 to Rhoda!

Happy Day 50 to Dipz!

Happy Day 50 to Hotto!

Happy Day 50 to Marilyn!

Happy Day 50 to Celx!

Happy Day 50 to Tanya!

Happy Day 100 to DeeN!

Happy Day 100 to Ash!

Happy Day 100 to Kathleen!

Happy Day 100 to Amos!

Happy Day 100 to Angela!

Happy Day 100 to MaryDean!

Happy Day 100 to Nora!

Happy Day 100 to Katie!

Happy Day 100 to Betsy!

Happy Day 100 to Ry!

Happy Day 180 to Carrie Kaffer!

Happy Day 180 to Raquelle!

Happy Day 180 to Annie2!

Happy Day 180 to EmilyJane!

Happy Day 200 to InNeedofGrace!

Happy Day 200 to Anna S!

Happy Day 300 to Stacey!

Happy Day 300 to Beckie!

Happy Day 400 to Rebecca!


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10 thoughts on “you and your goal

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Congratulations s to every from Gordon (Day 81).

  2. Congratulations to all!! Love the quote Belle.

  3. Great quote Belle! Congrats to all!

  4. Looking forward to joining the 100 day challenge and hoping my name comes off the wIt list soon. Inspired by all the success stories!

  5. Congrats to this growing list of awesome sobers! WE ROCK! What is that picture?

  6. wanda on said:

    Congrats. I know I am full of bullshit~Thank you Belle … well, my Wolfie voice is anyway.

  7. wow, just wow… 180 days ago I was so sick, I can still remember how desperate I felt and just – how – physically – sick I felt. I really blindly reached out and found this site… you have been my rock — and this quote pretty much sums up where I am right now. Thank you Belle… 180 more and repeat…

  8. Well isn’t that perfectly true! I guess I had the power to change all along I just didn’t know how to use it!

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