Tired of Thinking About Drinking

i’m here

i’m here but i’m not 🙂 busy friday night catering valentine’s day, got to bed late, tired and relaxed all day saturday (except for care-package-shopping!), today had a fun full afternoon of coaching calls.

so now i’m unplugging. i have a full inbox (sorry) and i haven’t written a pithy blog post (boo) nor have i sent out a micro-email in two days (ack).

taking care of me means — now — turning off the computer, a dinner of meatballs, a trip to the tubbie, and early to bed 🙂

i’ll be back in fine form tomorrow.

hugs, me

ps. happy 50 and 100 and 200 days to everyone. i see you 🙂 i’ll post the list tomorrow.

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11 thoughts on “i’m here

  1. Rest!! You deserve it 🙂

  2. Anonymous on said:

    continued gratitude………

  3. You definitely deserve it!! Thank you for taking the time to help so many people. Today you gave me a lot of strength to keep going. So grateful.

  4. Good! You definitely deserve it. It’s nice to see someone setting healthy boundaries. I need to learn to do that more.

    Have a lovely relaxing night 🙂

  5. good for you Belle…tomorrow’s another day.
    Rest well x

  6. Boundaries-wow that’s the way to set and enforce those bad boys. Good for you. Happy rest day, may you refresh and regenerate while we do the same in your honor.

  7. Enjoy the down time Belle!

  8. Well-needed rest and meatballs – mmmm! Sounds wonderful ((:

  9. Well done Belle, showing us how it’s done! X

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  11. Enjoy and relax Belle you so deserve it!

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