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Dr. L’s bras

micro posts or micro emails?

sometimes i get a really touching, delicious, lovely, heart breaking, funny or creative email. and i want to share.

for example:

This just in from Dr. L (7 pm local time):

If I go out tonight it’ll be insane, so I put all my bras in the washer so I can’t leave the house. Whatever it takes… Well I’m a D cup and now they’re soaking wet and I don’t have a dryer so. That does it for today.”

now let’s say i got that email last night and wanted to share. i could post it on a new facebook page created for TofTaboutD but you’d have to ‘like’ the page to see the posts, and FB isn’t terribly private.

i could post it here on the blog, but i’d already posted once yesterday

so here’s the question: micro blog posts, maybe more than one per day, all here on the blog?


micro emails, sent to anyone who’s on this list.

you can vote here:

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11 thoughts on “Dr. L’s bras

  1. Anonymous on said:

    This post was a great way to start the day…

  2. I think I like Dr. L–that there is some smart thinking. I don’t have the same…ummm…endowments–so in my case it wouldn’t work. Double layered shirts and no one would notice

    Wow–am I really posting this on a public blog ? Here’s to anonymity.

  3. Too funny Dr L. I’ve had that happen to me and haven’t been able to leave the house. ;).

  4. Bridget on said:

    I think that’s a brilliant idea, actually. There’s no alcohol in my house. If I feel antsy, had a bad day – any trigger to drinking – I color my hair or paint my nails. That way, likewise, I can’t go out. By the time my hair is colored or nails are dry, the urge is passed. I’m safe and did something good for myself 🙂

  5. Well done Dr L!! Really made me laugh but I so get this…. Xx

  6. Just too much!

  7. From another D girl…. This is fucking brilliant !!!

  8. Maureen on said:

    Great idea! I was glad I was in the car when I read this, as I might have gotten a bit loud!

  9. I LOVE hearing the brilliant strategies other use to challenge that voice trying to entice us toward alcohol- this is both funny and fabulous, Dr. L- I’ll remember it for desperate moments!! Belle- this microblog posts are a great idea!!

  10. almost spit my morning coffee across the room!!!! what a great idea!!!!

  11. That is hysterical and I love it.

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