Tired of Thinking About Drinking

tired = mini-vacation

i’ve been tired for about 10 days.  and thankfully, finally, finally I had a nice long sleep last night.  Now i’m heading off for a 24-hour mini vacation … once a month (or so), i go to a hotel, sans husband, and i just flake out. I watch bad tv, read, walk around some new place, eat in a restaurant while reading the paper. I like preparing my ipod with podcasts to listen to on the tram.  I like being completely anonymous and alone on the train. I like to sleep 10 hrs and then get up on Sunday morning.  I like running in a new place. I love finding a cool bakery on my run, and then returning later to eat pastry.  I like to find the sunday market — cuz every town has one — and i usually buy some bulk tea or weird spice or try to find a perfect apple or i take pictures of the butcher’s pig heads (depends on which town i’m in!).  I like to come home 24 hrs later feeling like i’ve been stripped clean, inside and out.  To match my divine shiny happiness, husband has usually — in my absence — done all the laundry, cleaned the house, and eaten all the leftovers. also, he’s thoroughly bored by the time i come home, so he has this big smile like he’s missed me!  and to ensure a real break, there’s no phone and no computer (so i’ll be offline for a day or so).  happy weekend 🙂

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9 thoughts on “tired = mini-vacation

  1. LOVE this. love you! have fun with the pig heads. xx

  2. What a wonderful idea! Glad you finally had a good sleep and hope you have a great mini vacation.


  3. Lynda M O on said:

    Shared you on FB this morning, I think you’ve got a wonderfully fulfilling idea going here, Belle.

  4. You deserve a mini vacation for sure.

    Hope you slept well and long! Xoxox

  5. Oh. Oh, I WISH I could do this. I feel so tired, and there is no break in sight – well, with a 4- and 6-year old, how can there be??

    So enjoy it for both of us… 😉

  6. Love the idea of your mini-vacation! Enjoy your well deserved break, my friend.

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