Would you like to do the 100 day sober challenge?

Hi there.

  1. Would you like to do the 100 Sober Challenge?
    Here’s the pledge:
    “I will not drink for 100 days.  No matter what.  I can cry, but I will not drink.  I can go to bed or go home early. I might feel distressed … but I will not drink.  Bad things might happen, but I will not drink.  Incredibly shitty things may happen to someone around me, or my neighbour, or my friend’s friend’s grandmother.  But there will be no booze.  Funerals? Weddings? Amputation?  I’m not drinking for 100 days no matter what happens … No matter what.”
  2. Make a note of the date of your last drink and post a comment here to let us know.
  3. Read the sober blogs (mine and others) every day. Become involved. Post comments on the blogs. The more you reach out, the more sober tools you add, the easier you’ll find it.
  4. Sign up to get daily sober motivation here.
  5. If you’d like to have a sober penpal (how cool, can’t wait to get to know you!), then sign up for the Sober Jumpstart class. There are three versions of the class  and all three versions come with a free sober penpal (me!). You can email me every single day, ask questions, rant, whine, and get cheerleading. I answer every email I receive. And yes, we remain sober penpals after the class is over. we’re penpals for a whole year 🙂



I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

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  1. January 11th was a new Day One for me. I committed to 100 days back in August but decided to drink after 85 dry days (see my comment on Belle’s New Years post for details). Today marks seven sober days and I must admit it doesn’t feel as special as it did the first time. This doesn’t mean I am any less motivated or committed — in fact, buoyed by a strange brew of disappointment and determination, I feel like my sober resolve is even stronger — it just means that Belle is right… about pretty much everything! And I’m okay with that.

    It’s a relief knowing that others are travelling this road ahead of me. I’m grateful they’ve been wise enough to chronicle their journey & kind enough to offer me a copy of the map.

    We’re all making our way — gradually, suddenly — alone, together.

  2. Jan. 16 was my last day. i’m very excited to get going with this 100 day challenge. I have been putting it off for months, but i’m so tired of being tired, physically and of myself. I’m so happy to have some accountability and support with this site. Here I go!

  3. Day 20 for me today – it got so much easier for me after day 2, but I still get those thoughts, and I worry I will waver. 20% of the way through my first 100 – I can’t think what it will look like beyond there, but I know that if I can at the very least make a start and make this initial commitment, it will strengthen me to keep going beyond then. I feel so much better already – am loving my mornings now, and my family are seeing the old me – we have all missed me I think! Forever seems like a very long time – thank you Belle. Wouldn’t be on day 20 without you x

    1. I do much better if I don’t use the “F” word (“forever” – I use that other one when I need to – especially to call out Wolfie). There’s only today. Day by day. And soon … It is an amazing collection of days (Day 351 for me today!).

    2. I’m in.. I’m Day 41 (started 7 Jan) and I want to see what happens next….I’ve spent years wishing /hoping/ dreaming of this and now I’m on my way I don’t want anything to derail me. I want to experience adult life sober. End of.

  4. Day 20 and as busy as my day ahead looks I know I will reach Day 21. “Before” I would have still tried to plan out a drink time but today it is a relief not to “have” to fit that in too…

  5. Today is my Day 1. Yesterday I read the entire book, Tired of Thinking About Drinking (crying through lots of it as I saw myself reflected) and then I had my last drink last night.
    Today I start my new life. I hope I can make it. I’m scared and not sure how this will go, but I can’t keep going on the way I have been.

  6. Hi Belle,
    I need to do this. Day 2 for me. (The Wolfie came to visit me on the weekend…) so starting your 100 a Day challenge
    Thanks. I love your blogs!

  7. Day 1 for me today. Again. I’ve made it as far as day 45 in the past but here I am again on day 1. I’m so tired of thinking about drinking. I’m so tried of drinking every day and thinking about it all day long.

  8. 1/23/217
    Day 2 for the gazillion time.
    Somehow this feels different. I have admitted to myself that I have a problem with drinking.That was monumental. I feel prepared instead of floating in a cloud somewhere. I have Belle’s Book, which I totally love as well as some of her podcasts. I am on the wait list to be a sober pen pal. I have handwritten a list of treats. I have some motivational CDs, other sober books, yoga cards, angel cards, small bags of M&Ms, peanuts etc. I have a small cardboard suitcase and I am packing all my sober tools in that suitcase and calling it my sober suitcase. IT IS AKIN TO YOUR MATERNITY BAG WHEN IT IS TIME TO DELIVER. I am also filling out 25 envelopes with surprises written in them and sealing them and packing them. I may even put a wad of cash in one envelope. I’ll forget and be really surprised when I open them. I am also filling out 30 more envelopes with emergency ideas in them, 15 for AM and 15 for pm. I am putting some memorabilia in that suitcase too like pictures of my son, my best friend, pets and other uplifting, feel good things. Raise your vibration.
    I also pledge to take extremely good care of myself. I kinda lost that part while I was self medicating with wine. I am also going to quit whining (pun Intended) and quit story fondling as Martha Beck describes as telling your story ad nauseum to anyone that will listen. I am also not going to try and find a job, start a new company, lose 20 lbs, go raw vegan and remodel my house at the same time. No diversions. Here we go!

  9. Ok here I go again. I completed the 100 days a couple of weeks ago. Best 100 days of my adult life and I’m 44!!!! I really thought I could moderate at this point. Nope, it shocking how quickly the exact same habits are there, just waiting to jump right back in. I am restarting a mew 100 day challenge today. I am actually so excited. Can’t wait to get back into the healthy, happy routine I was so enjoying being sober! Thank you, more than words can say, I couldn’t do it without your support Belle. God bless you…

  10. This is Day 1. I have been here before and am scared. I love wine. It has become my best friend, my evening companion and it is so accepting of me. But, I want something different and I am tired. I tried not to drink for 7 days without success. I tried drinking only 3 out of 7 nights without success. Not sure why I think I can last 100 days. For me, the challenge is the voice, the small, sweet voice that works on me as the day progresses and tells me it is o.k. to drink. I can handle it. I need 100 days to work on MY voice that has my back, cheering me on to a better and honest self. Thanks for listening.

    1. Hi Kayjay,
      For me, more than I loved wine ( or really beer was more like it) I loved the idea of having it and what I believed it provided me.
      This idea is and was for me my wolfie voice as you describe ” your sweet voice ”
      I can tell you that the voice is not so sweet when you start to ignore it and not feed it, BUT, most importantly it does fade when you stop… let me repeat… that it does fade and get quieter when you stop drinking.. AND only when you stop drinking.
      Wolfie isn’t your friend or your companion.. he’s just a bastard who is an opportunist and trying his best to keep you sucked in.
      Don’t let him..
      there is a lot of great advice on this site and Belle’s one minute messages and book are a great way to start ( and no that comes from me, lol 😉
      You can do this if you really want to change.. the decision is yours not wolfie’s he’s just a voice in your head that needs to get the fuck out.
      ( I am on day 82 today.. and with certainty I can tell it gets better and better)

  11. Hi Belle, Feeling shy about posting anything but… inspired by your site I’m posting here that I am in my 14th day of sobriety and feel great joy but also great fear I may fall back into old ways. Good luck to everyone who reads these words: let’s find our way through together.

  12. Today is day 101 but I am celebrating 100 days and counting since my last alcoholic beverage. My sister Gene is celebrating 160 days today and my father is celebrating day 14. Good stuff Belle, keep being a bright light!

  13. Day 1 with a slight hangover. I have decided to get in shape during the next months (filled with intense work and master studies) and even tho i never really believed all or nothing approach worked, i have realised that half measures are pointless altogether. So here is my pledge: i will not drink alcohol for the next 100 days, nor will i smoke (party smoker anyway). I will, however, find the long lost joie de vivre that is just not there anymore. I have noticed, that drinking just doesnt make me happy anymore and i even have started to dislike the taste and wooziness. I have been under much stress during past years and have used drinking for coping but im pretty sure it actually enforces the blaze and trapped feeling i have. I need a clear head to sort my life out and i need to know get out of the habit of poisoning myself when im sad, confused or agitated or just feeling hyper. I need to feel like im in control. I am tired of thinking about drinking and worrying that i might have a problem. I do, but its not alcohol. Its a behavioral pattern i have fallen into that i need to break in my brain. A reset. I live in northern europe so i havent seen much sunshine for months and its getting lighter every day, which will give me an extra boost too. So- here we go!

    1. if you’re missing a joie de vivre, you’ll find that removing the booze helps with that. exercise and other stuff is easier to focus on when you’re sober. just do sober first. sober for now. sober is enough. the rest comes later. hugs

  14. Day 3. This morning, I pulled my old sober journal that was COVERED in dust… dated Feb 3, 2013… even 4 years ago I knew I had to stop. At that time, I lasted less than one week. My determination and goals are completely different this time around. I feel confident that this time- while it will be just as hard, it will be different. I’m tired and broke and fat. Looking forward to today because today is a brand new day! And I may even try a headstand this morning. Another goal I intend to reach 🙂 thanks for being here. Your blog and pod casts are great.

  15. Ok Day 1 for me today! I feel scared & unsure but I know i need to do this, I wantva better life. Thanks Belle you are an angle.

  16. Been sober since 1st January 2017, after 19 years of hard drinking, am going to try with the 100 days, but I need to make a lifelong commitment now!

  17. Hi, I’m on day 6! My last drink was sun Jan 22. I don’t know what is different about this time versus the last time I stopped drinking. This time I seem to not be so pulled to drink the very next day. I vow to not drink for 100 days. I seemed to have gotten in a rut of drinking day today, even after telling myself I was going to stop. Lately this past week it’s been easier to get my sober car started and down the path. I’ll be checking in for accountability, as previously I’m a lurker and not reaching out for help.

  18. It’s night 19… the days are easy, I’m celebrating every morning I wake up and don’t have the haze, hangover, and anxiety. However, at night, actually starting at 3 pm, I have the increasing thoughts about relaxing with a drink, even though I’ve come this far!! This is the longest I’ve gone, and I worry I’ll give in. I can’t let it happen. I’ve been reading the emails, and silently handling this with my husbands support, but tonight I felt like sharing, hoping that that will defeat some of the thoughts going around my brain. People who have alcohol problems conceal to protect the disease. It makes me feel less alone and scared to read all the emails from people struggling to abstain from drinking, no matter what is happening around us. I have more thoughts but this is only night 19. This is my outing that I am not going to drink for 100 days. Deep breath out. Thank you Belle

  19. I’m on day31. After a few setbacks I have committed to this. I have lost weight, feel so much better, work out now. have more energy and feel like I have a life now. The one thing I do not have is friends. They left when I no longer drank with them. I am lonely but I fill my days with my job, husband and things I love to do in life now. Thank you so much Belle for keeping me on track.

  20. Hi Belle,This is my repeat of many Day 1s,but I feel different and stronger this time. I read your blog often and I know I need all the help I can get. I have so many reasons to quit, namely health, relationships, productivity, clarity, weight loss, money The wine pulls me in every evening and every evening is a blur. I will strive to get to day 100. It seems far away but it’s one day at a time.

  21. Day 48. This is my third time to try the challenge, and the farthest I’ve gotten. The Jumpstart class and having a penpal have really helped. I think I’m going to make it this time. My advice to people who are still in those first few days is to find some support, if not here then elsewhere. It makes all the difference as the sense of first-day resolve fades and what Belle calls the “overwhelm” kicks in.

  22. Day 98 (+29 days prior to that of a couple of restarts) for me today. Unbelievable! I hadn’t gone more than 2 days sober in years. It has been such a roller coaster but so, so worth it. Looking forward to the next 100 🙂

  23. February 1st today. Day 1 of my 100 day sober challenge. Summer holidays are over. School is back. Time for a positive change!

  24. Today is Day 1 for me. My relationship is on the line and I am not in a good place. To be honest this challenge is really scary to me, but screw it let’s give it a shot. I need this in my life.

  25. I stumbled across this page/100 day challenge by way of Hello Sunday Morning. I’m in! I started Feb 1st, with the idea of a FEbFast, and wanting to turn that into a 3 months HSM…well, now I’m in for the 100 days. I did 100 days last year, and omg! Never felt better. I want that feeling again. I want to look like I did then, before I decided that I would “drink occasionally again”. Well, that turned into a very boozy December and extended into a very stressed-out-summer-mama of drinking every night, pretty much, to cope. :/ Sigh! BUT, here I am. Here we are.

  26. Here I am first time on this site. Tomorrow I am starting a wellbeing program incorporating nutrition, exercise and mindset so figured I might as well start the no drinking at the same time.
    So for me, last drink 5th February 2017.
    Thanks so. Ugh to everybody for sharing your experiences.

    1. you may well find that being overwhelmed is our biggest challenge as boozers. we totally love to try to do too many things at once, that’s a really great wolfie ploy. but you are on to his shit. so you do less – for now, just being sober is enough. you do sober first. make it your foundation. then you can do other things. hugs

  27. Today, February 6, is my day 1. 100 days feels like an eternity right now but I am determined to make it through one day at a time. I really need to prove toyself that I can do this.

  28. I have tried this twice now. I have failed both times. I am going to see if the third time is the charm. I don’t know how to get support. I don’t know how to get backing. All of my friends and my family drink. My husband drinks. It’s imposible to avoid!

    1. patricia, if what you’ve been trying isn’t working, the you try different. you could go to meetings, or have a sober penpal, or see your doctor, or reach out. the people who can support you being sober are other sober people – not just random friends : ) you reach out for sober support and you’ll find it way easier. there are lots of my penpals who have spouses who drink. wolfie will use anything for an excuse. you being sober – that’s you taking care of you. hugs from me

  29. Beginning today! Today is my day 1. Put up a blog, wrote some sh*t in German, but, hey, who cares?! And I feel better! Could write even more… maybe I should switch to English! Maybe tomorrow!

  30. Day 11 today…feeling weird and gray. In this past 2 weeks I have felt good. I have been running a lot, working hard. Feeling tired of people…Not drinking today, it’s Friday! Thank God for Netflix and ice cream…

  31. Another 100 for me. I’ve had quite a few false starts since my first 100 days last year, but I’m here to be accountable. Day one – and my youngest granddaughter’s birthday.

  32. I am on day 71. My last drink was December 2, 2016. I am working towards 100 days and I would appreciate the support. I have been letting myself think about drinking and I don’t want it to.

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