Tired of Thinking About Drinking

search engine results: “champagne no thanks”

Here are some of the search phrases that people have used in the last 30 days that have led them to my blog…

  • tired of thinking about drinking
  • jason vale alcohol
  • best things about being sober
  • tired of thinking of drinking
  • does behavior change after sobriety?
  • its great being sober
  • drinking in bed and fucking
  • slamming hand
  • tired of thinking at work
  • i will do today what others won’t
  • champagne no thanks
  • now that i’m sober i see what changed
  • pink cloud luncheon
  • i think this too much drinking wine is all nonsense
  • tips for getting past the drinking witching hour
  • 2’s up wolfie
  • another word for freedom
  • i get more done when i am not drinking
  • whats a good headline for being sober
  • i think i’m at that point to kill someone
  • change the behavior and the thinking changes
  • i think about alcohol all the time

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5 thoughts on “search engine results: “champagne no thanks”

  1. I love reading the search terms people use to find me!!! I may steal this idea on my blog. Your searchers are funny!!!

  2. This just prompted me to check mine out. Mostly the terms seem to be people actually looking for me but this is my favourite: just fucking universe

    Just fucking universe.

    Well, yes.

    I wonder what they were hoping to find? And how drunk they were…

  3. Hilarious! I never even knew I could look at stuff like this (I wondered how you did this before…d’uh to me that I can just click that search engine thingy). Mine certainly are no where near as humorous as yours. I had one on mine that said “criticism of message in a bottle” and I was thinking “what? someone looking for dirt on me? Who is this person? Why would they…blah blah blah”…ha ha. Caught myself in full ego flight and then laughed at myself as soon as I caught it. Message in a Bottle is a film name, so I think someone was looking for that. How self-centered was I in thinking they were hunting me down? Who am I to hunt down? Oh dear…ha ha. Anyway, I think it’s pretty amazing how people find you here – I am amazed at how we all find each other…but regardless of the how, I am glad that we are all here. I know I am grateful to be here 🙂

  4. Hamsalad on said:

    Wait, how do you know what they search?

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