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Hi, I​’m Belle Robertson. I'm 6 years sober (I know, right? Who does that?).

​​I’ve ​worked one-on-one to help ​2,931 ​​people improve their lives with a sober trial, by providing a combination of wit, common-sense, empathy, and hand-holding. And I can do the same for you.

[There are many more thousands of other people who follow along, quietly reading and listening, but I've worked literally one-on-one with 2,931 as of today. That's a real number. Wait. Now it's 2932 people.]

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i’m not perfect and don’t know it all
"Why am I emailing you every 4 hours? Because you recommended it, and I want to stop, and what I've been doing before obviously didn't work. I want to give myself every chance to succeed. It's a small thing, and easy, why would I be against it? Its not like you are asking me to wear a sign that says "I drink more than I want." I decided to trust you."
"Hi Belle. Well when I went ice skating the other day I had a really bad fall and hurt my arm. Couldn’t move it and I thought it was broken. Went to ER. no broken bones thank god but still a lot of pain. I guess what I am comparing it to is stopping drinking. Each day it gets a little easier -- and I said to myself when my arm is back to the way it was, I am going to appreciate it so much and treasure it and try to never hurt it again !!!!! Because this sucks."

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You can read a collection of my blog posts in chronological order, so you can see where I was on day 18 and see if it’s like where you are! 

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