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Are you “Tired of Thinking About Drinking?” You’re not alone. My name is Belle, and I am sober. I originally created this blog to document my own journey to sobriety (the sucky parts and the glow-in-the-dark realizations). Along the way, I’ve gathered some friends, and now it’s so much more than just a blog. It’s a community gathering place for the exchange of ideas. What you’ll find here (hopefully!) is a new kind of sober resource, with a personal touch that you won’t find on other “resource” sites. If this is your first time visiting, I’ve made up a little baby roadmap for you, that might be helpful:

1 > Popular Blog Posts (read these!)

To get to know me a bit, here are a couple of blog posts that summarize my ideas on being sober:

2 > 100 Day Sober Challenge (you can sign up)

To read more about the 100 Day Sober Challenge, and to find out how you can get started, go here.

3 > Sober Jumpstart (i.e. get started being sober today)

I’ve created an audio coaching class, especially to help deal with the first bit of sobriety:  how to pick a replacement drink, what to tell people (and when), how to deal with the idea of ‘forever’, how to deal with overwhelm, what does relapse mean. You can learn more here. There are three versions of the class: kick-ass, lovely and basic. And a sober penpal is included 🙂

4 > Read Blog Posts in Order (follow along)

I have put together a collection of my blog posts, in chronological order, so you can see where I was on day 18 and see if it’s like where you are! If you want to read the first few months in order, put your name in the box here:  http://eepurl.com/BqAEn



15 thoughts on “Welcome :)

  1. You did fine with it. It’s all-encompassing, complete, thorough, easily navigated, clean and crisp. In shorter word: Perfect. You’re doing a great good thing here, Miss Belle, keep on keeping on.

  2. Nicely done, and I must say, the title is what drew me in 3 days ago. I’m one of the newbies and so grateful I found this site. You are filling such a need. Thank you!

  3. I wish I could have easily found something like this when I was desperately searching for solutions to my drinking problem! It is brilliant. Take some or all but everything you need to get sober this revolutionary new way is here for you and it actually works!!!
    I found you and here I am up at 6am, getting shit done, with 236 days sober!
    Carrie x

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